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Really, the single page websites look awesome. A single page website is one that completely fits on a single page. In the world of Web design the latest trend is single page website design. It is awesome because it is more cost-effective and user-oriented, professional way of presenting your business information to globe. You should equally treat each component present on your page, because if you should design it like that then only the smaller section of your page will also make impact on visitor. You should use the graphics, fonts as well as colors and the layout in a very smart & efficient manner.

Easy navigation, enhanced user experience, less usage of bandwidth is the benefits of single page web design. Single page designs with slick transition effects are great for telling stories. The scrolling and visual effects used in this type of web design tend to give most visitors great experience. Content and navigation is used to characterize the single page website templates, by the staying on one page. These type designed sites have less content than scrolling sites. You should not compromise with graphics which you visualized in mind for SEO or to attract traffic, still by using single page web design you can get real fans & frivolous peoples.


            Now the sites are expanding from single page trend to single “pages” with each scroll. They also tend to provide feel of mobile sites, with a look that more users are getting used to. Just remember to include a call to action so users know what you expect them to do with the site. This technique is an easy way to catch a user’s attention and to engage him into exploring the site. Single web page design includes pick one “thing” – effect/design technique – that is suitable for your site and go with it, enhance the design by your creativity.

  • Keep your page simple.
  • Think about proportion of each component of your web page.
  • Create hierarchy or tree structure and easy navigation.

Try to combine a website into a single page when there is a reasonable amount of main content, or there are certain stylistic elements that work best exclusively on this layout.

Advantages of a single page websites are:

1. Information on a click
2. Less Advertisements
4. Cheaper & less bandwidth usage
5. Better Search Engine Optimization

Disadvantages of a single page websites are:

1. Page size may become large
2. There will be plenty of content and no specialization, if not good designing & optimization maintained.
3. Difficult to find the needed object.
4. The page will take longer to load because of its larger size.


You can use your single page website to promote a new business.  A Single page website is a great way to share an event with all and it is cost effective. You may not need expanded website for single event or product promotion; you can maintain your brand style within single page.  You can also add more pages in future if required to extend your business promotions. So, let’s try to keep track with single page web design.

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