Online Coupons

Online coupons help to Advertise a product and provide special discounts

This is an article on exchanging of documents in a financial transaction. Online coupons are basically used to provide exchange of documents in retail context. That means they provide special discounts on services and goods available in the market. They can also be used marketing of products over internet. A coupon is a document or a ticket used in exchanging of financial rebate in purchasing of a product.

These Coupons are issued by the retailer or directly by the manufactures to be used in online sales promotion of goods. These online coupons are widely distributed through cell phones (via. Message or call), on internet (via. email, newsletter, social media, etc). Only the price conscious consumer sends their time to claim some saving.

Coupons functions as form price differentiation in same products by same manufacture. But different territories by providing same quality and quantity to the consumers. These coupons also are targeted to selective regional markets for the price competition in same products. According to government a coupons is just a paper certificate which is used to administer permission or benefits.


Origin of the coupons came from the Coca-Cola Company which was incorporated in Georgia in 1887 with Asa Candler as a partner in the company.  He transferred the company to a profitable business form an insignificant tonic by using his innovative advertising business techniques. His idea made the growth of the company high. This growth idea includes the entire company sales representative and employee. The coupons were distributed and mailed to customers and were also placed in the magazines. With this idea they become popular and the growth was also increased.

Online Coupons

Types of coupons

There are variety of coupons such as buy-one-get-one, free trail offer, festival offer, discounts, free giveaways and first-time customer coupons.


Coupons can also be used to check the price sensitivity among different group’s buyers. It is generally assumes that the buyers who use these coupons are more about the prices than those who do care about the prices. Therefore, to maintain the profit the posted price can be increased and maintained by these coupons. So when the price sensitive customers use these coupons, it reduces the price total of their purchase.

Grocery coupons

There are two types in this manufacturer’s coupons and store coupons. Store coupons are set by the store’s owner. The manufacture doesn’t not get involves in this type of coupons. These coupons are set by them on some special products. Or it can be used to compute among different stores.

Manufacturer’s set coupons to different product in to relative with the stores. These coupons can be used in order to increase the sale of the product in which free coupons are placed. The products can be newspaper, magazine etc.

Sometimes the value of coupons is increased to attract the customer from their product. This is mostly practiced in the stores and the malls. In mall some events are held on the week’s days to increase visits of the customers and then the coupons values get increased by double or triple.

Expiration date

Expiration date is the time after which the coupons are not valid. For example, the festival coupons are valid till the festival is on. Or when a new store or new products is been launched there are coupons for them which last for 3-4 days or max for a week.

Internet coupons

Internet coupons are distributed through the social networking, online shopping, news, downloading sites etc. These coupons are typically used for free shipping or reduced cost or discount in percentage to attract the customers to purchase a special product from specific retailer.

Online retailer often refers to coupons such as discount codes, portable codes, shopping codes, key codes, surplus codes, source codes etc.

Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons are basically same as the online internet coupons. In this type the customer receive electronic message or it is also known as electronic ticket. These coupons are used by the customer directly from their cell phones.  These coupons distributed through MMS or SMS. These coupons can be forwarded by customers.

What is unique in the mobile coupons is that they get expired automatically after the expiration date or once they are used. Some of the coupons have cannot be forwarded as they require a confirmation at the time of purchase.

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