Mervin Manufacturing Utilizes New Shopatron Integration Capabilities To Create A Better Customer Experience

Mervin Manufacturing just released once again websites for its action sports brands, as well as the latest by making use of Shopatron’s latest integration capabilities. The newly released APIs can easily incorporate the dominant Shopatron ecommerce solution in a direct manner into the brand websites of Mervin, thus creating a simple and improved experience for their client base.

Even though Shopatron has provided order management as well as ecommerce capabilities for the brand websites of Mervin way back 2010, until the newly created websites were released, Mervin was able to maintain both a separate online store for every brand as well as a marketing website. The latest integration capabilities of Shopatron provides the web developers of Mervin the capability to easily make use of Shopatron’s shopping cart options in a direct manner on a particular brand website, allowing the implementation with minimal or no technical support.

Mervin Manufacturing is a foremost designer as well as a manufacturer of surfing, snowboarding, NASing and skateboarding products that created the world’s most environmental factory that individuals who use the products. Mervin is the longest operational and last chief board-building factory in the U.S. Shopatron is the single ecommerce solution in the globe that boosts sales online while simultaneously augmenting the sales via retail stores worldwide. With Shopatron’s ecommerce and order management solutions, it gives an inventive as well as a flexible method when it comes to online sales that cater to the distinct requirements of branded manufacturers, online marketplaces and multi-channel retailers. You will find the best technology news and seo here.

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