Does internet need control or censorship?

The growing need of internet does it requires any control or any censorship? Yes, this is the main question which almost each and every parent is looking for nowadays the use of internet is so increased that kids now don’t ask for chocolates and toffees but rather that that they are demanding for the “internet pack recharge” what is this is this good for the growing youth of our nation or this may come as a disaster for the nation’s youth and be responsible for making the youth lazy? It is said that youth is the power of the nation and so as to really make use of this power the youth should be more active and powerful in all its aspects as the coin has both the heads and tales side each and every thing in this world has two sides the positive and the negative.

Each and every thing in the world has its advantages or disadvantages but the things have a balance in these things they have equal number of advantages and disadvantages.  Internet is the thing which is responsible for almost each and every thing which is happening to this world it’s the technology market. Each and every thing which is a past is available on the one and only internet which is the prove of the living. Each and every thing is being available on the internet we have to just enter the name of the topic of which we are in search of and within some seconds that information is available to us.


Does internet need control or censorship?


Internet plays an important role in the today’s world it is responsible for reducing the distance between the nations due to which there is globalization in the market the gap are reducing and we are available of all from everywhere. We can with the help of internet can purchase products of some another country which we have actually not visited. Internet provides us different recipes of all the different things whether it is the recipe of cooking the simple 2 minute Maggie or the difficult biryani. It also gives us information about the different products available and it is also responsible for keeping us updated.

If you will observe that a person who is in touch with the internet is always updated with what’s new in the world and the person who is away is still staying away almost the 70 percent of the total world’s population is social they are connected to each other via different means and they are responsible for reducing the gap between the world. But as it has many advantages it also has many of the disadvantages the small children are getting lazy because of the internet use they not only get social at small age but they also start watching what is not good for them they may get addicted  to the things which are not really good for them internet does not only harms the small kids but the young girls may also be aware of the wrong internet access their photos may be misused. As the internet has both the sides people should not completely stop using the internet but they should maintain some limit so that they are not harmed in any way.

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