DDoS-GUARD has opened a new scrubbing center in Hong Kong


Ultimate DDoS protection is available in APAC

The cloud DDoS protection provider DDoS-Guard has successfully put in operation a new scrubbing center in Hong Kong which is intended to offer fast and reliable services for customers in the Asia Pacific region.

The mitigation equipment is installed on the premises of the Equinix HK1 data center (Hong Kong). Equinix HK1 is one of five International Business Exchange ™ data centers, it is equipped with the advanced and reliable systems for monitoring temperature, energy conservation and lighting.

The node allows DDoS-GUARD to provide its customers with excellent connectivity in Asia. Customized solutions are also available for Chinese hosting providers and telecom operators.

The mitigation equipment is able to protect the network against DDoS attacks up to 1.28 Tbps without a pre-firewall filter. Network protection services could be provided through virtual tunnels (GRE, IPIP) and a direct link. When subscribing to an IP transit or Secure IP transit service, a free trial period of up to 3 days is provided.

Gradual expansion of the mitigation network is strategic aim in terms of development. Having filter nodes in different parts of the world provides for processing traffic closest to its source.

As of today, a geo-distributed mitigation network with the nodes in the Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Japan, US and China has the throughput rate of more than 1.5 Tbps and provides protection against DDoS attacks for 6,000 customers from all over the globe.

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