Computer Network: A Need of an Hour

                             Hi, friends we are discussing last point review for computer network. This is an article where you can learn or revise networking concept in very easy manner as well effective manner. Let’s start with definition of computer network

Computer network is the interconnection between the two or more devices via different transmission Medias to the means of communication. When we are doing or performing a Computer Network communication we actually need two or more host, peer, client, server or the computers because the main features or the main aim because of which the computer network was initially developed was only for the means of communication or sharing of information or the data which we want to be broadcasted to the people r the entities which we want. Computer network can basically performed by minimum number of two devices and maximum number of 256 host or stations can be connected to the computer.

Benefits of the Computer Networks:

              1. Increased Speed: Network provides a fast access or means to transfer the files or the data as per the user’s requirements.

  1. Reduced Cost: Most popular versions of the network software are now available at a considerably low cost which the major advantage is
  2. Improved Security: It’s possible to protect the files and the programs from any illegal copy or any accidental lost at any time.
  3. Centralized Software Management: Due to use of the computer network all the expensive software’s can be downloaded on a central machine.

Services which are Beneficial to User:

  1. Access to the Remote Information: It involves the interaction between the person and the remote database.
  2. Person to Person Communication: Emails, people situated at different places in the world can communicate with each other in any corner of the world.
  3. Interactive Entertainment: Computer network provide an interactive entertainment to the people community associated with it.



Criteria to be Followed to Design a Computer Network:

  1. Performance: The network you are choosing should have an high performance it should give you a great speed which consumes less time energy and sources.
  2. Reliability: the network reliability is important because it decides the frequency at which the data flow takes place at what will be the maximum frequency.
  3. Security: the network security refers to the protection of our data or information from any unwanted accidental lost.

Other factors deciding on are:

* Number of users.

* Type of transmission media.

* Capability of the connected networks.

* Efficiency of the network.


Computer Network: A Need of an Hour


Facilities Provided by the Computer Network:

  1. Management of the Software: due to the computer network it’s possible to store the entire database on the central machine due to which we need to keep the management on the server.
  2. Maintaining the Network: as we are maintain a huge network we need to keep a check on the network which is used by us.
  3. Back-up Data: This process provides the backup of the data due to which we don’t need to re write the code again and again it keeps a track of the data.

Advantages of the Computer Network:

* Increased speed

* Reduced cost

* Improved security

* Electronic mail

Disadvantages of the Computer Network:

* Failures of the server

* Cable faults

* High cost of installations

* Requires time for administration

To conclude: This all point we discussed are very basic but very vital in networking. You can get overview from this actually is networking and benefits of networking.

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