Common Link Building Problems

Link building has for many years been viewed as an independent practice by most publishers. This is because most of web marketers only engaged in link building when they desired to increase traffic to their site. Well, because of this misconception, many sites had to contend with many penalties from search engine optimization tools.

If you have been a victim of such penalties, you may have realized that coming out was not as easy. To come out of such penalties successfully, you have to have a grasp on how to comprehensively perform link removal. You have to know which links deserve being removed.

So what are some of the common link building mistakes or problems faced by marketers? These are some of the reasons for being slammed with such penalties.

• Article Directories: Most marketers who engaged in adding articles on different directories were the first casualties with the initial penguin release. My advice for those who are still performing this exercise is that they should stop before the hammer falls on them.

Low-Quality Directories: Although there is no clear indication that low quality directories were slammed with such penalties as per the penguin release, the policy was very clear. All the marketers had to do it on either yahoo directories, DMOZ, Best of web and or

• Low Relevance Guest Posts:

• Low Relevance and Accuracy Infographics

• Paid Guest Posts

• Anchor Text

• Doorway Pages

• International Sites

• Blog Carnivals

• Poor Quality Content of Any Kind

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