$5 Billion From Paid search Ads on Tablets

From the recent reports We are meant to understand that Google is headed to making one of the biggest cash on online advertisements ever. It is projected that this site has the potential of making up to five Billion US dollars by the end of this year 2013. The projection is based on pay per click rates which has risen significantly on tablets compared to the other gadgets.

A recent report conducted by the Marim Software has projected that tablet alone will account for more than twenty percent of all paid search and pay per click campaigns in the United States of America alone.

According to Marim’s research more people have been engaged in mobile browsing in 2012 than in the past years.This might have been the cause of increased pay per click sales on the Google search engine.

The research also revealed that in thirteen nations alone the revenue collected from pay per click platform accounted for $4 billion being fueled by Google adverts. This is possible considering that most of the Marin’s customers are known for large scale advertisement. They also spend a considerable amount on paid adverts on the Google search engine. The part with more than one hundred thousand US dollars per month. Quite a huge amount of money. But this cannot be compared with the foreseeable benefits including cash profits from such investment.

When analyzing the average CTR across devices, the company discovered that smart phones were the most used devices across the globe and accounted for more than one hundred percent of the total devices used by clients.

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