HTML Basics: Fundamental Tags and Elements

HTML Basics: In this tutorial we are going to study about the fundamental tags and elements. These tags are the building blocks of any web page. To create and try your web pages you need the following two utilities or software: Text editor such as Notepad for Windows Web Browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer   Your First HTML web page Let’s start by creating a simple web page in HTML. Open the Notepad (or any text editor) and type the following code in it. <HTML> <BODY> <TITLE> First HTML web page…Read more

HTML : Hey, Thanks to Markup Language

Introduction to HTML: Creating your own website may seem a daunting task especially if you are a beginner without having much of technical knowledge. But hold on. It’s much easier than you might think. Although there are many moderate to advance software and tools are available that claims to build a website within minutes, but it’s unlikely that you won’t find a term “HTML” in their lexicon. So it’s a very good idea to get a good hold on HTML in order to create your website efficiently. HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up…Read more

Introduction to HTML 103

Paragraphs and headings We're definitely making good progress! We've learned when and why we use HTML. We've also learned how to: a. Set up an HTML file with tags b. Title the webpage (in the <head>) c. Create paragraphs (in the <body> with <p> tags) The next step is to give our paragraphs headings using heading tags. Let's start with the <h1> tag. The content between this tag will be the biggest! Do it Yourself Create a new html file with Notepad++ and name it as test.html. Copy the code lines below and…Read more
Introduction to HTML 102

Introduction to HTML 102

In our previous lesson we have learned how to create a HTML document using Notepad++. Today we will go a little further. We will learn the basic parts of a web-page i.e.: head, title, body and paragraph. Make the head Everything in our HTML file will go between the opening and closing tags. There are always two parts to the file: the head and body. Let’s focus on the head. a. It has an opening and a closing tag. b. The head includes important information about the webpage, such as its title. c.…Read more

JAVA Applet

Introduction to JAVA Applet Java applet is a small program transported over internet and delivered to user machine in the form of byte code is platform independent. To open java applet in browser your browser must support java for that browser has to obtain licenced from oracle. Unlike java application java applet has certain limitations like java applet cannot access data on computer this provides security that’s why applets are used in banking and other applications. They cannot be executed directly they have to be opened in java compatible web browser. Applets are…Read more