Computer Network: A Need of an Hour

                             Hi, friends we are discussing last point review for computer network. This is an article where you can learn or revise networking concept in very easy manner as well effective manner. Let’s start with definition of computer network Computer network is the interconnection between the two or more devices via different transmission Medias to the means of communication. When we are doing or performing a Computer Network communication we actually need two or more host, peer, client, server or…Read more
Introduction to C++

Introduction to C++

C++: C++ is a programming language. It was first seen in the year 1980’s.C++ is an object oriented programming language it has more advantages and benefits then the simple C language. There are C++ definitions’ and compilers which have made the object oriented programming simpler and much easier. C++ is now the world’s most contemporary mini and micro computer applications are written. It was initially developed in the   AT&T’S laboratories whose first version was BCPL of what later came to be known as the C language and then further with more modifications and…Read more

Dispatching From the Controller to a View

In this, you learn how to perform the last step in a form processing controller: Dispatch the next view component. This requires learning two new concepts: passing objects between web components using the request scope and passing control between web components using a request dispatcher. Request Scope: Servlets must be able to communicate with one other, but you do not want your servlets to have intimate knowledge of each other’s data. The servlet API provides a mechanism to store objects in the request object using a method called setAttribute. The object can then…Read more

Developing a Controller Component : Part-2

In the Part-1 of Developing a controller component, we have studied information about controller types and creating HTML form etc. Now in this article we will study information related to controller servlet. Developing a Controller Servlet: Form processing (controller) servlets usually perform the following tasks: Retrieve form parameters from the HTTP request Perform any data conversation on the form parameters. Verify the form parameters. Execute the business logic. Dispatch to the next view components based on the results of the previous steps. In this, we will see how to develop a controller servlet…Read more

Developing a Controller Component : Part-1

Designing Controller Components: In this, it describes the design aspects of developing a controller component. A controller is a component that accepts input from a user and performs the specific operation based on the input. In general, input can be data, actions or gestures. In web applications, input comes in the form of an HTTP request. Types of Controller Component: There are many types of the controller components, but for the business applications the following are the most important: Process input from a user Input in an HTTP request is provided by the…Read more

Designing a View Components : Part-4

In the third part of designing a view component, we had taken overview of points like web container architecture, Now in this post we will take actually focus on writing code for class and doing further configuration. The ListLeaguesServlet Class: In this, it describes an implementation of the ListLeagues view component. This servlet responds to an HTTP GET request method. Therefore, it must override the doGet method. package view; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse; // support classes import; import javax.servlet.http.PrintWriter; // Model classes League; import java.util.List; import java.util.LinkedList; import java.util.Iterator; The…Read more

Designing a View Component : Part 3

Web Container Architecture: Java servlets are components that must exist in a web container. The web container is built on top of the Java SE platform and implements the servlet API and all of the services required to process HTTP (and other Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol [TCP/IP]) requests. The figure given below does show the architecture for a web server that uses a web container.     The web container activates the servlet that matches the request URL by calling the service method on an instance of the servlet class. Specifically, the…Read more

Software Quality Assurance

This article is all about how important is this phase of delivering the finished software or product. In this article we will observe that how vital it is to maintain the quality of developed software even after certain time period. The main goal or perspective while developing software is that you need to keep the requirement of customer. Keep in mind SRS (Software Requirement Specification) and then start developing the software product. It is very essential you take the guidance of experts from particular field. It is very necessary you define the quality…Read more

Entering into World of Android Apps: Part-I

The article is for beginners who are new in the field android operating system. Most of us, instead of that all are using the android made smart phone. The Android is basically a technological platform that is provided by Google. To describe this Android in simple words it is operating system that is used in your cell phones or smart phones. The OS is acronym for operating system. The operating system is a collection of hardware as well as software. This operating system is heart of your cell phones or smart phones. Android…Read more

Designing a View Component : Part 2

HTTP Revised: In this, it describes the HTTP protocol in more details. In particular, it does define the structure of the request and response streams. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP): In any communication protocol, the client must transmit a request and the server should transmit some meaningful response. In HTTP, request is some resource that is specified by the URL. If the URL is specified by some static document, then the response includes the text of that document. You can think of the request and response as envelopes around the URL (plus form data)and…Read more