Virtual Functions in C++

Important points about Polymorphism and Virtual Function   Polymorphism is the third important feature in C++ after data abstraction and inheritance. Polymorphism means single name and multiple meaning. There are two types of polymorphism like compile time polymorphism and run time polymorphism. We can achieve compile time polymorphism using the function and operator overloading. We can achieve run time polymorphism using the virtual functions. In case of function overloading we can write the multiple function having same name inside a single class. And when we call that function the call is bind with…Read more

Blackberry z10 review

Introduction For a long time, Blackberry was noticeably regarded as a gadget creator that concentrated on the venture section. With rivalry from any resemblance of Apple, Samsung and other handset creators that made Android mechanisms, Blackberry made a move for the developing markets, leveraging its informing stage and making economy apparatuses under its Curve arrangement focused at youths. The organization's Curve arrangement finished exceedingly well and gave Blackberry a portion in the Indian business sector. In 2013, a period when Blackberry is reinventing itself after a monstrous redesign headed by Blackberry 10, the…Read more

Creativity in Designing

Numerous individuals make their sites and weblog with real substance. In each 5 seconds there are more than two sites are started on the Internet. In any case suppose it is possible that you have made a site (weblog) and you are not getting sufficient activity to your site. A site without any web movement is only a waste of time.   Numerous blogger spot the real substance on their online journals, however they still don't get listed in internet searcher and absence of web traffic. I am set to impart how to…Read more

Pointer Arithmetic

Do you want to be a Master in C? then you should have to know about pointer arithmetic. Referencing a Pointer: • Referencing the pointer means storing the address of particular object into the pointer variable. For ex: int no = 10; int *ptr = & no; • In this example we store the address of no variable in a pointer variable ptr. & operator is used for retrieving the address and it is called as "address of operator ". • This “&” operator is not used for an array and a function…Read more

Do You Know What is Firewall?

This article states the use of firewall for your security of your operating system from unwanted browsing sites .The firewall plays a vital role in maintaining security of your assets on computer. Have you ever noticed when u type domain in your college, company or institute it is not available to intended user WHY the reason is administrator has hosted firewall for security.   A firewall protects networked computers from intentional hostile intrusion that could compromise confidentially or result in data corruption or denial service .It may be a hardware device or…Read more

Java Card Security

Java applets are subject to Java security restrictions; however, the security model of Java Card systems differs from standard Java in many ways. The Security Manager class is not supported on Java Card. Language security policies are implemented by the virtual machine. Java applets create objects that store and manipulate data. An object is owned by the applet that creates it. Even though an applet may have the reference to an object, it cannot invoke the object's methods, unless it owns the object or the object is explicitly shared. An applet can share…Read more

Java Card Technology

As we are daily using smart cards. This smart card are developed on basis of java card technology this article briefly states the use and how java language is beneficially used in building smart cards. Java Card technology adapts the Java platform for use on smart cards and other devices whose environments are highly specialized, and whose memory and processing constraints are typically more severe than those of J2ME devices. Java Card technology is evolving. Accompanying both the technical evolution of smart card chips and the needs of application developers, smart cards are…Read more

Storage Classes in C

Storage Classes in C   Friends we will be going step by step learning C, will find meaning of each new term when we get introduced to it while learning storage classes. Storage is related with Scope of a variable: It is the boundary within which a variable can be used. Memory allocated by compiler for storing variable   Storage class defines the scope and lifetime of a variable. With C complier view we can say that variable name identifies physical location from a computer where variable is stored. As we know that…Read more

JAVA Applet

Introduction to JAVA Applet Java applet is a small program transported over internet and delivered to user machine in the form of byte code is platform independent. To open java applet in browser your browser must support java for that browser has to obtain licenced from oracle. Unlike java application java applet has certain limitations like java applet cannot access data on computer this provides security that’s why applets are used in banking and other applications. They cannot be executed directly they have to be opened in java compatible web browser. Applets are…Read more


Intex has recently arrived into the field of smart phones. Before this Intex company was making feature phones. It is currently offering around 12 smart phones in the market and it is planning to launch 20 more smart phones in the near future. The Intex Aqua i-5 is a new Android Smart phone in moderate price, with which the company promises to provide great results at an economy price. Design Aqua i-5 is a big screen Android phone with a very slimmer body as compared to other Smart phones in this range. This…Read more