Mobile First Design

      The technology got developed from larger elements to nano particles. Ex. In older generation computers were of 1 room sizes, big but afterwards world of mobiles came into picture, things getting smaller.  But now days for web designing we should start from mobile first web design. It means don’t start with a desktop site; you should start with the mobile site and then progressively enhance to devices with larger screens like tablets, large resolution big screens.      You can use CSS media queries in progressive manner to adjust your…Read more

Learning Web Designing

               Website design will be fun and it will draw your creativity outside to show to world, once you are familiar with the basics of designing. Usually you know that Web design is the creation of Web pages and sites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other Web languages. If you will do planning and if you go step by step ahead then you will enjoy this world and your creativity will make others happy. If you're ever uncertain about whether a source's information is reputable, look for…Read more

Future of Online technology

        Alan Kay says ‘The best way to predict the future is to invent it’.. You know that Internet access is becoming simpler, easy, and more gadgets are getting online. Make predictions about things that will come to pass, not about things that will not come in picture. In these days computers are deciding which products to stock on shelves, performing legal discovery etc. Embedded Internet, Internet of Things The Internet started by connecting computers with sharing each other’s information. Now we connect various types of devices to each other.…Read more

Web Designing Tools

     The tools from web which can you use to do your work in easy and professional way. Every designer needs to have right tools for right job.   For Managing Color Adobe Kuler Great toolby which you can upload, create, and edit color schemes of your choice.   Colorzilla It is an extension with chrome with color related tasks; it includes a Color Picker, Eye Dropper, Gradient Generator and many additional advanced color tools.   For Managing Typography   Google Web fonts Google’s numerous web fonts for great use. They are…Read more

DoFollow Vs NoFollow Links

 DoFollow Vs NoFollow Links      DoFollow Links and NoFollow Links, both are good for your Websites. Ok, ok but tell us what is DoFollow and what is NoFollow links ?        noindex, doindex, nofollow, dofollow like some words came in picture when we talk about search engine optimization. It is a pathway for search engine to see the back link and redirect user towards that link. Backlinks are worth full in the success of a blog. Backlinks are also called incoming links, inbound links, inlinks and inwardlinks. If you provide…Read more

Overview of Sliding Panel Widget : “Spry Widget”

What is a spry widget? A Spry widget is a page element which contains built-in behaviors (functionality) to enhance user experience by enabling user interaction. This framework supports a set of re-usable widgets, written in standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. So, then style your widget as you want. Each widget is associated with the unique file. (CSS &JavaScript). To style the widget, CSS is there and to provide functionality to your widget, JavaScript is there. Where you want to appear your widget, at that spot you must link these files.   Anatomy This…Read more

CSS Transparency

      You can create partially transparent elements on your web page by two methods. In first method use pre set opacity transparent PNG images. First method is not that much cross-browser compatible, but by using second method you can create translucent elements. CSS contains a specific property named as “opacity”, which controls transparency of an element. If you want to ensure cross browser compatibility of your partial translucent elements you can replicate opacity property with the help of own browser specific properties. Opacity is widely implemented part of CSS color module.…Read more
Web Designing : Flat Design

Web Designing : Flat Design

           As you know designing means problem solving, so your job is not to decorate your site. Visual designing becoming popular day by day in web designer’s web, You are representing or reflecting your business through your website. Flat design is simple style user interface which have absence of 3D representation (features like embossing, shadows, feathers and gradients). Trying to accumulate depth on digital screen is prohibited here. This is quick type of design. Using bold shapes & bright colors you can make your website crisp as well as…Read more

Web Designing : Large Photo Backgrounds

Always word’s doesn’t play very important role in communication. When there were no languages, peoples were drawing arts of their culture, religion on stones, sculpture! So, it means 1 picture is enough to show a scenario which is tried to explain by writing thousands word regarding that scenario. A website background with large photos is more popular than using the typography. Do you know that, you didn’t remember text for more time, but if your website background is having effective picture, then user will remember your website. Large photo backgrounds provide upper hand…Read more
Simplicity in Web Designing

Simplicity in Web Designing

Do you look @Facebook, Twitter with designer’s approach, do they include Flash, Heavy components in, they are playing million dollars game just backgrounds, text boxes & buttons. If you balance simplicity and imagery then your design will be the best.     If your design is simple, then don’t think that your website is weak or poor. If you want to remove overhead of maintenance of unnecessary added components then exactly add those techniques only which are needed for your site. eCommerece website such as PayPal, also uses simple designs. Balancing of your design…Read more