Process Scheduling

When a computer is multi-programmed, it has many processes competing for CPU at a time. This situation occurs when two or more processes are simultaneously in the ready state. Key issue related to scheduling in which when to execute that process that means OS has to make decision there are some criteria’s based on which process is picked for execution from ready queue. Let’s take example of one situation where process is waiting for I/O interrupt to occur a scheduling decision may make. If interrupt come from I/O some process that was blocked…Read more

Collaborative filtering with Cloud Computing

Threshold Based Similarity Transitivity Technique in Collaborative filtering with Cloud Computing: Community sifting takes care of qualified information over-burden issue by introducing customized substance to distinctive clients dependent upon their hobbies, which has been widely connected in true recommender frameworks. As a class of basic however effective synergistic separating strategy, closeness based methodologies make forecasts by finding clients with comparative taste or things that have been also picked. Then again, as the amount of clients or things develops quickly, the customary methodology is experiencing the information scarcity issue. Off base likenesses determined from…Read more

Operating system : Thread

Thread: 1)Single-threaded process 2)Multithreaded process     Figure 1.1 shows us Single-threaded and multithreaded processes. A word processor may have a thread for showing graphics, another thread for responding to keystrokes to the user, and a third thread for performing spelling and grammar checking in the background. In certain situations, a single application may be required to perform several same tasks. For example, a Web server accepts client requests to the Web pages, images, sound, and so forth. A busy Web server may have several (perhaps thousands of) clients concurrent access it. If the…Read more

Abstract Class and Interface

Abstract Class:- A class contains characteristics as well as behaviors. If a base class provides a behavior only in the syntactical manner but it unable to provide its definition then that behavior/function is called as an abstract function. In case of a class which provides an abstract function means that class knows “what to do?” but that class does not know “how to do?” means in simple terms that class does not provide function definition. A class which contains at least a single abstract method then that class is called as an abstract…Read more

What is Data Warehousing?

This article gives the information of Date ware housing which new technology. Data warehousing is new technology that provides the user with the tools to store the summarized information from multiple heterogeneous databases in a single repository. Data warehouse is also seen as a Data arrangement and Data analysis Technology, adopting an update approach. What has been mentioned earlier can perhaps be consider generic perception about date warehousing. However, Data Warehousing has also been specifically defined. Date Warehousing can be defines as follow “Data Warehouse is read only analytical database that is used…Read more

Compiletime Polymorphism

Compiletime polymorphism:- Polymorphism means single name and multiple meanings. In this type of polymorphism, we can use a concept called as function overloading. Function overloading in which we have to provide multiple definition of a function having same name but different syntax means no. of parameters, sequence of parameters, type of parameters may vary to overload that function. We cannot consider the return value of that function while overloading a function. Function overloading in java is almost similar as a function overloading in C++. It is called as compiletime polymorphism, because, all of…Read more

Object oriented concepts in JAVA

                In a today’s competitive world, a need of an hour is to develop simple and speedy solutions that can be instantly applied to varied requirements, this is resulted in the creation of a different and sometimes, a complex software systems.                 However,  complexity of a software is a reality, there are ways to ensure that this complexity does not become a stumbling block to the smooth functioning of the software.                 We can simplify complexity through the way, to split the software system into its component parts and arrange the parts in…Read more

Introduction to JAVA – Part 2

The JAVA Runtime Environment:- In this, java source files are compiled in the sence that they are converted into a set of bytecodes from the text in which you write them. The bytecodes are stored in a .class file. At runtime the bytecodes that make up java software are loaded, checked and run in an interpreter. In some java technology runtime environment, a portion of the verified bytecode is compiled to native machine code and executed directly on the hardware platform. This enables the java software code to run close to the speed…Read more

Enterprise Management System (EMS)

        This article gives the information of Enterprise Management System (EMS). In today’s age of information and technology the way business being operated has changed completely. The business needs of today have changed and the response that is expected from the business enterprise by the customer is instant. Today’s business enterprise thrive on information, they are information hungry and in a such scenario the system that is developed and implemented by the enterprise should consider the complete enterprise and the effect a event would have on enterprise. The system need…Read more

Inside JAVA – Part 1

Feature of JAVA programming language:- Simple Pure object oriented Architectural neutral Platform independent Compiled and interpreted Security Robust Distributed Dynamic Multithreading Extensive   From above we get, JAVA is simple, because, JAVA removes the virtual, friend, pointer concepts which are from C and C++. We can write a JAVA code anywhere and run it. So, it is called as WORA means Write Once Run Anywhere. JAVA is Robust, because, it has a strong exception handling. JAVA provides all functionality at the runtime. So, it is dynamic. Java uses the following features to fulfill…Read more