HTML Basics: Fundamental Tags and Elements

HTML Basics: In this tutorial we are going to study about the fundamental tags and elements. These tags are the building blocks of any web page. To create and try your web pages you need the following two utilities or software: Text editor such as Notepad for Windows Web Browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer   Your First HTML web page Let’s start by creating a simple web page in HTML. Open the Notepad (or any text editor) and type the following code in it. <HTML> <BODY> <TITLE> First HTML web page…Read more

HTML : Hey, Thanks to Markup Language

Introduction to HTML: Creating your own website may seem a daunting task especially if you are a beginner without having much of technical knowledge. But hold on. It’s much easier than you might think. Although there are many moderate to advance software and tools are available that claims to build a website within minutes, but it’s unlikely that you won’t find a term “HTML” in their lexicon. So it’s a very good idea to get a good hold on HTML in order to create your website efficiently. HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up…Read more

Do you know about Collaborative Filtering?

The concept of collaborative filtering (CF) is one of the processes of removing impurity or scanning words or information using multiple techniques. This technique have large collaborative among many spy and data sources, etc. The collaborative filtering (CF) can be defined in other words as the ordinary web technique for creating or construing personalized suggestions. The best example of this is Amazon, LastFM, and Netflix. The uses of CF include very huge data sets or in shorts it uses large data. Collaborative filtering (CF) methods is useful in various application which mainly included…Read more

Concept of Distributed System

Improvement in communication technology since last decades has resulted in scalable, reliable and flexible computer network system. The computer communication is increasing so need to develop architecture that will be help to make communication proficient as well reliable. The computer communication is totally dependent on the price, how economical it is as well the speed performance. The basic two architecture that are used I computer communication are the tightly coupled system and second is loosely coupled system. Both architectures are explained in short below. 1.      Tightly coupled system In this system basic difference…Read more

Virtual Destructors in C++

We cannot use the virtual keyword with constructors, but destructors can and often must be virtual. The constructor has the special job of putting an object together piece by piece, first by calling the base class constructor, then the more derived class constructors in order of inheritance. Similarly, the destructor has a special job: it must disassemble an object that may belong to a hierarchy of classes. To do this, the compiler generates code that calls all the destructors, but in the reverse order that they are called by the constructor. That is,…Read more

Android vs. iOS

Smartphone’s have become undivided part of today’s society. The traditional cell phones of less features, customizability, memory and application are changed to super speed Smartphone’s. There are 2 major operating system that are used in your Smartphone’s and tablet that are Google based android and apple based IOS. The both renowned companies hold the nerves of market. The 2 biggest important Smartphone’s are grained by Google and apple. As taking into consideration need and demands off customer the need of flexibility, applications, memory as well play store. The Apple company launched their IOS…Read more

Simple and Powerful Sound Bar System

If you are thinking about buying a full fledged powerful sound bar system, then you have found it here. Yamaha YAS – 101BL is a simple but powerful sound bar system that can meet all your needs without making you pay a good fortune. It’s a single speaker home theatre sound bar system that is backed up with an integrated powerful and high quality subwoofer. Take your entertainment experience to a whole new level with this powerful and one of the best sound bar system. Yamaha YAS – 101BL has got everything you desire – a…Read more

Online Coupons

Online coupons help to Advertise a product and provide special discounts This is an article on exchanging of documents in a financial transaction. Online coupons are basically used to provide exchange of documents in retail context. That means they provide special discounts on services and goods available in the market. They can also be used marketing of products over internet. A coupon is a document or a ticket used in exchanging of financial rebate in purchasing of a product. These Coupons are issued by the retailer or directly by the manufactures to be used…Read more

What is Deadlock?

This article gives the information of deadlock related to the operating system. Process complete for physical and logical resources in the system. A process request resources, if those are not available at that time, a process enters into the wait state. It may happen that waiting process will never change the state again, because resources requested by the process are occupied by the some other process. And this condition leads to deadlocks. Deadlocks affect the process by causing indefinite delays in resources allocation. Processing is blocked, waiting on events that could never happen.…Read more

Need of Decision Support System

           In the 1970 s number business organization began developing information systems which were significantly different from the information systems then in use. The new systems involved spending less resource both human and financial. The new system was interactive and was designed to help specific end users utilize data and models to discus and divide .not solve semi structured and unstructured problems.              These systems were called the decision support system and by the end of 1998 were extended to groups and entire organizations.…Read more